Sunday, February 4, 2007

Caving in!

Caved in and tried to move my blog to the new blogger because I have an upcoming post date at Unusual Historicals, but Blogger said phhhhhttt. My blog was too big. So I created this new one.
I'm back from Jamaica, the work trip for the day job. Still tired, but happy to be home. Shocked by the tornadoes in Central Florida, very grateful a friend's parents weren't affected.
In Jamaica our last day, we went to Port Royal. The old pirate hang-out. 2/3 of the city fell into Kingston Harbor in the June earthquake of 1692. It's pretty sad because you can scuba dive into the harbor today and see exactly what the city looked like back then, but the harbor is polluted with raw sewage.
One guy was sucked up by the earth only to be spit out. He was a slaver, guess the earth said, "Yuck." Sir Henry Morgan, infamous pirate, became governor of Jamaica and made piracy illegal. Only in Jamaica does an ex-pirate turn into a politician and then outlaw his old profession to cut out the competition. Hey, his rum is damn good, so I can't complain.
Anyway, this is a photo of what they call "The Giddy House." Old ammunition storehouse in Fort Charles, built in 1888. They call it the Giddy House because you feel giddy when you walk in it. This is probably what I'll look like tomorrow morning... Jennifer Ashley would like this fort because she writes terrific pirates.
Writing is meh on the new Nocturne book but I'm ahead of schedule so all is okay. I'm not panicking anymore about writing 3 books this year, working nearly FT and traveling. I'm trying to be more flexible and adaptable this year to whatever life throws my way. Plus I am home and it was good to see hubby... I really missed him. Dogs are doing fine. Tiger has gained a little weight, which is great, and Rainey has a new nickname. DH calls her "Queen Rainey." She rules the household.


Jen said...

Made note of the new URL for your blog. I'll post it to my Yahoo! group, too. Sometimes moving blogs can be a pain. I use WordPress, installed on my own server (they have their own hosted blog site at, so I can save the database with all posts and install the program and database on another server if I want to. I just want to redesign my blog, and that's why I keep putting it off; I'd choose a pre-created design, but I'd still have to customize it to use all my plugins and fit my site, plus a lot of the themes available have errors. I'm kind of slow at doing all of this. Even if I paid someone to do a design for me--which I can't afford--I'm sure I'd still have to do a little customizing, mostly because of the plugins, or changing my mind about how they're set up. Finally, I could do my own design, but that would take even more time.

I love pirates! However, I must admit, my knowledge concerning their history is lacking. It's funny you brought up pirates, though, because I recently bought a few more books to learn a bit more. I have at least one more book I want to get on pirates. I didn't know that about Henry Morgan! How fascinating! My boyfriend got four kinds of rum when he visited the Virgin Island's for his brother's wedding several months ago, but none are Captain Morgan. I don't drink, but I love desserts made with rum, and the smell of rum is yummy!

A house which makes you feel giddy. I hope the new house we get makes me feel giddy. :D

Glad you're home with hubby. And glad to hear the dogs are doing so well, and that Rainey has taught you who's in charge, LOL!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks for making a note of my new blog addy, Jen! Customizing your blog takes time. I used a template but altered the HTML a little.

I love desserts made with rum as well. :-)