Friday, February 9, 2007

Dahling, meet me at The Donald's tonight!

Ah, the glam life of a romance author! Guess where I will be tonight? Yes dahling, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach! The Donald's hang out.

Will you be doing a booksigning? Attending a fab. fete? Showing off a new Dolce and Gabbana purchase, you may be asking.

No, moi will be there in my JC Penney little black dress... volunteering. Tonight is my charity's event to raise money in Palm Beach and I'll be monitoring silent auction items.

I prepared for this fab. event tonight by...

Plunging the toilet this a.m. An interesting metaphor, if you think about it. I didn't do it dripping jewels or in my Choos, but in my Eyeore PJ's.

The reason I wanted to volunteer is twofold:

1) I always wanted to see the inside of Mar-a-Lago, The Donald's club and the famous Post estate that's been a part of Palm Beach's landscape for decades.

2) Having been to Jamaica last week and seen tin shacks I could send toppling with a well-placed kick, I thought it would be interesting to see the other side of life. The people I met last week live in fear of being gunned down by stray bullets. Their children are malnourished.

I used to work as a reporter in Palm Beach, but have never been inside the dishy interior of The Donald's private club. I used to attend society pah-ties and write glowing reports of who was with whom or who was draped all over whom. Tonight will be different. At least when my tired, sensible shoes leave The Donald's, I'll feel a glow of satisfaction knowing that amid the glam and riches and jewels, we raised money to help some of those people I met last week.

In the meantime, I'm home today and have a book to write. I must return to the Nocturne book. Hmmmm, I wonder.... would a very Alpha male, fierce warrior werewolf fit in tonight at a very glam Palm Beach fundraiser?

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Jen said...

I wouldn't mind seeing that place. I wish I had that kind of money.

I hope you raised lots of money. So many people need help.

A fierce warrior werewolf might feel uncomfortable around people in fancy dress, but I'm sure he'd look good. He'd probably make an excuse to get out of there as soon as possible, though. If I were lucky, it would be with me, for a little lovin'!