Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Katie wants a fast one

DH is playing music now while I'm trying to write a love scene for Empath. The song is "Katie wants a fast one" by Steve Warner ... it's about cars but the title makes me think of a quickie. Or a quickie in a back seat, windows steaming up, leather seats squeaking... ok, I know it's because I'm writing a love scene.

Whatever makes your motor run...


KeeWee said...

Now you got me reminicing about doing it in a Corvette...many, many times...I know your thinking "ya right sure in a VETTE...impossible!!" nothing is impossible and boy was it fun!! LOL!!

Larissa said...

Decided to stalk you over here instead of MySpace! :)

Had to laugh about the quickie and cars...just revised one of those!