Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sherrilyn Kenyon inspires me

One reason I like conferences like this one, Florida Romance Writers (where I've been all weekend, it's my chapter's conference), is to get together with other writers. I enjoy talking with them, listening to how they do it, their challenges and struggles and how they overcame them, and their successes.
This weekend it's been Heather Graham (always funny and classy) Eloisa James (intelligent and down to earth, the kind of professor I'd love to have in college), chatting with Lori Wilde at the booksigning, who is really super nice and I'm just amazed at her productivity!! and many more.
But I have to admit the person who I really needed to hear, who inspired me the most this weekend was Sheriilyn Kenyon. Not just because she's sweet and friendly (having met her, I already knew that) but because her speech was a good reminder never to give up, that when the hour seems at its darkest, and you have to take a stamp from your husband's wallet to mail that last proposal, after that multiude of rejections, that can be the proposal that gets you the contract that launches you into fame. She's very humble, and sweet and the struggles she went through...
I'm so happy she's attained that level of success... it just tickles me to think that someone came through such tough times is doing so well now. Every time I think of her speech, at how she triumphed over the darkest points of her careeer, it makes me smile, even now when I'm wiped out and have conference fatigue


Jen said...

While I've not done a writer's conference, which I'm sure is much more educative and intensive, I've been to fandom conventions, and those can wear me out. Seeing favorite writers and hearing them speak is a wonderful experience, and I hope to do so myself one day.

I can only dream of being as good as Sherrilyn Kenyon and Bonnie Vanak. :)

Toni Lea Andrews said...

Sherrilyn's speech made me cry! I know she saw the big tears running down my face, too.