Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well this is good to know

Today's horoscope:

Taurus (April 20-May 20). Today is a 5. You're not dead, you're only resting.

My life is so glam

Last night we visited the accountant for taxes. We have to pay, not as much as I'd feared. Still, it's a lot. But at least we're through sweating that out.

So today I rush to work, get the call that the plumbers are on their way, then rush home. They've been here about 2 hours. I'm stuck in the house while the plumbers are replacing both toilets. Both. Rainey is locked up with Tiger and keeps barking, and barking. I go in there, pet her, leave and she's barking again.

And I'm sweating bullets here on the couch... because I have to use...

You guessed it. Can't leave until the plumbers leave. Can't use THAT room. Yet. I am having fond recall of trips where I was trapped in a car in Haiti, only open fields in sight, and not a gas station for miles while I'm screaming in broken Creole at the driver to GO GO GO!! Because I have to GO GO GO!!

Yup, my life is so glamorous. I bet Paris Hilton never has this problem.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ritas, life, taxes

I'm very very happy, even though I'm cranky and depressed. Does that make sense?

First, why I'm happy. I'm thrilled and very very excited b/c two very good author friends got THE CALL that they finaled in the RITA's!!!!!!!!! OMG, I'm sooooooo excited for both of them. I was thrilled to hear about one, but two of my friends? This is terrific news! They're both splendid, damn good authors and it's about time they got this nod. I know how hard they've worked, and how talented they are. They're both in separate categories so I can cheer them on in both!!!

Why I'm cranky and depressed... I'm home all day doing taxes. It's a nightmare. A living nightmare. And I'm just very tired, and have to work tomorrow at the day job and it's my boss' last week. I keep telling myself it will be okay and will work out. Sure, right. I did get the proposal in the mail that I needed to send out and I think it's time to take a break from writing and the internet. Just a few days, maybe. Concentrate on getting these &#*@&#* taxes done and family stuff. And maybe ME for a change.

Plus it's coming up to the anniversary of when we discovered Tia was dying of liver cancer. Yeah, I guess some would think it's silly of me to get sad over that... but Tia was more than my dog. I still miss her.

Back to the real world, taxes. Sigh...

Friday, March 23, 2007


He's the leader of the pack in my upcoming Nocturne and Nicolas' best friend. I'm writing his story now. Needed a model and wow, this is it. Yeah, looks like Christian Bale, huh? I think Christian Bale would make a hellava werewolf. Howl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late fees

So last night I head to the video store to return a DVD and as I'm about to pull into the side parking lot, I notice...

Two unmarked cop cars, 8 cops in black surrounding a guy flat on his stomach on the ground, hands tied behind him. Two cops are all over his car like dogs on a bone, tearing the side panels apart.

When I was a reporter, I did some ride alongs with cops and I know what they were doing. Classic drug bust.

I find an open parking spot, return my DVD and go inside to select another movie. As I'm checking out, I ask the clerk,

"So, the guy on the ground, is that what happens when you don't return a movie on time? Your new late fees policy?"

He gives me this blank look. "Huh?"

I tell him about the cops. He shrugs as if it's everyday the cops chase down someone and arrest them in the parking lot.

I love S. Florida. I really do. I do. Where the action outside the video store parking lot is more dramatic than the movie I just rented...

Pardon my mood, I'm cranky this week. The boss who's been great for our department is leaving next week, and who knows what kind of trained monkey will replace him. Maybe I should stock up on bananas now. About six years I've worked with this guy, and it's been great, we have such a good team together now, all dynamic, creative, great at our individual jobs, we'd make a great team at an ad agency. Raise all kinds of money for the poor and now my boss is leaving...sigh...

Then my FIL has to have surgery. He's 90 years old this week and any surgery is risky. When did he schedule the surgery for? My birthday. Happy birthday Bonnie. Last year your birthday was mourning the news your beloved Tia, your dog, was dying. THis year you get to spend your birthday in a hospital waiting room.

Some days...some days... some days.... sigh...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ah, yes, the KILT!

Yesterday was my friend's birthday and we partied at a local restaurant on the water, perfect day, sunshine, cool temps and lots of beer. AND this hunk in a kilt came over and wished Mo a Happy b-day and kissed her cheek. Black kilt, muscled hunk, omg. Kilts are verra sexy, be it an Irish kilt or a Scottish, mmmmm!

A friend asked him, "What's under it?"

Hee hee.

Nice day, no breeze, though, so we couldn't see what lies beneath. Darn.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Busy week

Been a while since I blogged... stuff happening this week at work, big changes ahead, yikes, trust in the moment that things happen for a reason (ok, yes, I will) and FIL needs surgery and I've been preoccupied with writing a proposal that is due soon.

Plus, I had to cancel RT. I'm soooo sorry I won't be there to sit on Cindy's panel and watch her and MJD stab each other with shrimp forks and trade zesty barbs (sob!) and see friends like Jennifer Ashley and everyone, and meet readers and booksellers. But life's shifted a bit with work, and I had to cancel due to priorities.

But on a brighter note, DH and I are headed to New Orleans next month! Yay! I need to do book research for the Nocturne book and I'm really looking forward to it. I love the Big Easy, and though the city is still struggling to recover, the Quarter, where we're staying, has been cool. I went there last year for Heather Graham's workshop and it was wonderful!

Ok, back to work, I think I have the solution to a problem in chapter two. Answer? Cut, cut, cut.

In other news, very very very sad news, Ellen Fisher's dear husband passed away... if you wnat to wish her condolences, please pop over to her blog listed here. What a wonderful, special relationship they had...

Cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. :-(

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm done, done, done!!! YAY!!

Been a hectic week, trying to finish the first Nocturne book early so I can sorta relax the rest of the month.


Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I'm done! I'm done, done, done, done!!! MAILED THE BOOK OUT TODAY!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first Nocturne book! It's done and IN the mail! Now I'm starting in on the 2nd book. I'm very excited about writing it.

Also, got home tonight to a big surprise in the mail. My friend, Jennifer, sent me an ARC of her first Immortals book. OMG! I'm so excited! I can't wait to read it! I'm going to read it and then give it to one very lucky person.

The Immortals debuts in May. Can't wait!!!!

Off to celebrate by cooking dinner? Huh??? Oh well. I have a bottle of wine and DH rented a movie. Yeah, we be living the high life. LOL!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Author Jennifer Ashley has a new blog for aspiring authors. She posted an interview with me. Check it out here. Jennifer has great advice in her blog.

In other news I'm feeling much better, yay! Working on the Nocturne book and cutting it. Sob! Actually editing a book is easier for me than creating. I'm used to cutting copy. Here goes...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Watch my new book video!

This version of blogger won't upload it, so here's a link to my old blog where you can watch the video. Let me know what you think. I'm blog switching. Feeling much better. Yay! And The Sword and the Sheath is officially in stores!