Friday, March 16, 2007

Busy week

Been a while since I blogged... stuff happening this week at work, big changes ahead, yikes, trust in the moment that things happen for a reason (ok, yes, I will) and FIL needs surgery and I've been preoccupied with writing a proposal that is due soon.

Plus, I had to cancel RT. I'm soooo sorry I won't be there to sit on Cindy's panel and watch her and MJD stab each other with shrimp forks and trade zesty barbs (sob!) and see friends like Jennifer Ashley and everyone, and meet readers and booksellers. But life's shifted a bit with work, and I had to cancel due to priorities.

But on a brighter note, DH and I are headed to New Orleans next month! Yay! I need to do book research for the Nocturne book and I'm really looking forward to it. I love the Big Easy, and though the city is still struggling to recover, the Quarter, where we're staying, has been cool. I went there last year for Heather Graham's workshop and it was wonderful!

Ok, back to work, I think I have the solution to a problem in chapter two. Answer? Cut, cut, cut.

In other news, very very very sad news, Ellen Fisher's dear husband passed away... if you wnat to wish her condolences, please pop over to her blog listed here. What a wonderful, special relationship they had...

Cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. :-(


Mary Stella said...

Bonnnnieeee! You canceled RT? You'll be missed!

Stacey said...

oh, Bonnie, I'm going to miss you at RT!!!!! : ( I've been so looking forward to hanging out together again.

Janet said...

You won't be in Houston? I'm so bummed, but I understand.

Have fun in Nawlins!