Friday, March 23, 2007

Late fees

So last night I head to the video store to return a DVD and as I'm about to pull into the side parking lot, I notice...

Two unmarked cop cars, 8 cops in black surrounding a guy flat on his stomach on the ground, hands tied behind him. Two cops are all over his car like dogs on a bone, tearing the side panels apart.

When I was a reporter, I did some ride alongs with cops and I know what they were doing. Classic drug bust.

I find an open parking spot, return my DVD and go inside to select another movie. As I'm checking out, I ask the clerk,

"So, the guy on the ground, is that what happens when you don't return a movie on time? Your new late fees policy?"

He gives me this blank look. "Huh?"

I tell him about the cops. He shrugs as if it's everyday the cops chase down someone and arrest them in the parking lot.

I love S. Florida. I really do. I do. Where the action outside the video store parking lot is more dramatic than the movie I just rented...

Pardon my mood, I'm cranky this week. The boss who's been great for our department is leaving next week, and who knows what kind of trained monkey will replace him. Maybe I should stock up on bananas now. About six years I've worked with this guy, and it's been great, we have such a good team together now, all dynamic, creative, great at our individual jobs, we'd make a great team at an ad agency. Raise all kinds of money for the poor and now my boss is leaving...sigh...

Then my FIL has to have surgery. He's 90 years old this week and any surgery is risky. When did he schedule the surgery for? My birthday. Happy birthday Bonnie. Last year your birthday was mourning the news your beloved Tia, your dog, was dying. THis year you get to spend your birthday in a hospital waiting room.

Some days...some days... some days.... sigh...


FerfeLaBat said...

*snort* Late fees. I swear no one appreciates greak snark asides anymore.

Hope your FIL gets better soon.

Sorry to hear about the trained monkey boss-to-be.

Jen said...

I hope you get a decent new boss, but I know the odds aren't good.

I hope your FIL comes through the surgery well, but I'm sorry it's happening on your birthday.