Thursday, March 29, 2007

My life is so glam

Last night we visited the accountant for taxes. We have to pay, not as much as I'd feared. Still, it's a lot. But at least we're through sweating that out.

So today I rush to work, get the call that the plumbers are on their way, then rush home. They've been here about 2 hours. I'm stuck in the house while the plumbers are replacing both toilets. Both. Rainey is locked up with Tiger and keeps barking, and barking. I go in there, pet her, leave and she's barking again.

And I'm sweating bullets here on the couch... because I have to use...

You guessed it. Can't leave until the plumbers leave. Can't use THAT room. Yet. I am having fond recall of trips where I was trapped in a car in Haiti, only open fields in sight, and not a gas station for miles while I'm screaming in broken Creole at the driver to GO GO GO!! Because I have to GO GO GO!!

Yup, my life is so glamorous. I bet Paris Hilton never has this problem.


Jen said...

That sucks so much! I need a toilet and clean water available whenever I need to use them. With my OCD, I can't wash my hands from a bucket or even an alternative sink. I do not like inconvenience!

FerfeLaBat said...

New toilets are very glamorous ... unless they leave the old ones on your front lawn for the trash guys not to pick up.