Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Soooo, our room at the Hotel Provincial is tres nice. A mini suite. It backs onto Ursuline AVenue. Last night we took a haunted tour on a carriage. And I found out about the legend of the Ursuline convent, which backs up to our hotel. Seems the casket girls' "coffins," the odd coffin-sized trunks shipped back from FRance, are stored in the attic. Rumor sez the attic windows are never opened, because there are vampires in those coffins. Ok.

Our bathroom window actually shows a decent view of those dormer windows. So when I shower and step out, I look up to see if the dormer windows are open and there's a nosey vampire peering down at me. Not yet. Could happen.

This hotel is haunted. Not our building, but the 500 building in the back where there was an old Civil War hospital. GUests have reported seeing surgeons sawing off limbs, and bloody sheets in the bathtub or when they turn down the covers for the night. Ewwwww. If I were to encounter a ghost, I'd want a pretty, debonair one.

Took the street car today down Canal all the way to City Park. Saw some sobering reminders of Katrina. The St. Charles streetcar still isn't running yet. I wish more people would come here... the french quarter is back to business as usual, but the crowds... aren't here. We ate lunch at the Coffee Pot and met a couple from Pensacola whose condo was severely damaged during Ivan. they're just getting their place back together. Our waitress, Pearl, is fighting with her homeowner's insurance company... her home got swamped by Katrina. We told her to hire a private insurance adjustor, which is what we did after Wilma dumped the tree on our house and wrecked our backyard and front yard. Pearl thanked us and went off to wait on the drunken birthday party that was ordering more $300 bottles of champagne. At least SOMEONE was spending nice, big bucks.

I hope they gave Pearl a big, fat tip. It was an odd, bonding moment, lunching there with the couple from Pensacola and Pearl waiting on us. All of us having experienced some big wreckage from Hurricanes named Ivan, Katrina and Wilma. I sure hope we never see another one again, except in bars on Bourbon Street. The kind you drink, not the kind that causes you headaches over damage to your home.

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Jen said...

Can't the vampires in the coffins open the windows themselves? Even if the windows are nailed down, seems it wouldn't be all that hard to break a window, especially for a vampire with supernatural strength. Maybe I'm Hollywood-izing too much, but it just doesn't seem a closed window would be much of a challenge for a vampire.

I'm with you...I'd rather see a kind, friendly ghost or apparition, rather than something horrific.

I remember an episode of Wife Swap or Trading Spouses that recently repeated, the second one where the "God Warrior" appeared, and her idiot friends said that those in New Orleans who were victims of Katrina should be back to where they were before the hurricane. They said if they're not, they wasted the insurance money and spent it on frivolous things. They also said, if they need money, they could get off their butts and get a job at McDonald's. True ignorance.

I do hope to visit New Orleans one day, along with a lot of other places. I love seeing real history. Reading about it is great, but there's nothing like seeing it yourself.

Keep enjoying your trip!