Saturday, April 21, 2007

More eye candy

I love this pix of Gerard... looks like he's saying, "My sword, it is SOOOO large, it is a deadly weapon, I love my big, long sword..."

Reminds me... anyone who's seen my March release, The Sword & the Sheath... YES, it was an inside joke to name the book that. I know all about the metaphor. hee hee.


Mary Stella said...

That picture almost makes me sorry that I didn't see 300.

It also reminds me of your books, except he isn't wearing the indigo blue of a Khamsin warrior. I can imagine. hehehehehe

Jen said...

I love men with big swords!!! :D

I've always thought of that title in a dirty way...but that's the kind of mind I have. :P