Monday, April 23, 2007

My birthday

We're in Nawlin's. Yesterday we had jazz brunch at Muriel's with Molly and Kay from BENT PAGES bookstore in Houman. Molly and Kay are sooo funny. They kept us laughing the whole time.
Today was my birthday and we started out with breakfast at the Coffee Pot, then took a ride on the Natchez. Then tonight we had dinner at Brennan's... omg the food! I had the redfish, Dh the steak diane. It was everything I'd heard... we sat by the glass wall overlooking the courtyard. The Pinot Noir was excellent.

Then, just as we thought we couldn't handle another bite, the staff came out singing "Happy Birthday" with a

slice of chocolate cake and my "leetle" friend, made of French bread and assorted garnishes. Our waiter M.R. named her Ruby. I told M.R. the friend had to have a name. So he named it Ruby.

Great birthday, excellent food. And I'm getting tons of research done for the next Nocturne. Yay!


Jen said...

Look at that beautiful smile on your face! You are clearly having a wonderful birthday!

The food sounds awesome! Chocolate cake...*drool!* Ruby looks delicious herself! I want to steal those cherries!

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

And good news for us readers that you're getting tons of research done for the next Nocturne!

KeeWee said...

Again...I'm a day late and many $$$ short...LOL!!! Looks like you had a heck of a b' deserve it!! Keep on enjoying yourself and congrats on getting some work done too..hahaha!!

Janet said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Funny, DH took me to Brennan's (the one in Houston) on my birthday. Did you have Bananas Foster?