Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time for EYE CANDY

The Virginia Tech shootings have left me sad, so I need to post some nice eye candy. How can you go wrong with this?

"Come to my villa, and I will make you dinner. You will like eating my big, long linguini. I promise."


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Jen said...

Absolutely terrible, the Virginia Tech massacre. So many dead, for no good reason.

Not bad. I wouldn't mind a sexy guy saying that to me, LOL!

Our basement at the new house is flooded due to the heavy rains recently. We have to replace the carpet--my boyfriend's thinking of putting down tile or something that doesn't absorb water instead. The laundry area has about an inch of water, and Mike and a couple of other guys are using a wet/dry vac on it and cleaning up. We are not happy.

On the bright side, we ordered new mattresses, and got good deals on them. :)