Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pulling up the bridge

I'm not talking about what Fefela posted about the whole "public lynching," though I saw it and inwardly cringed the more and more I read the comments. I'm talking about something else, but it's not worth mentioning here. I need to pull up the bridge and fill the moat. Spend some quality time this weekend thinking about life and other issues that matter most to me.

I'm going to Haiti next week, country of real public lynchings, place where people are shot, stabbed, kidnapped, violence, etc. Where they put gasoline on tires, set them on fire and put them around their enemies' necks. Where people I know were kidnapped. During Mass. During a freaking MASS. At gunpoint.

I hope I get to see him next week. Then again, that means he has to come out of his house to see me. Maybe he's better off staying home... maybe I am as well...

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