Saturday, May 31, 2008


Man, I am so far behind on my writing...

I have this morning to write. This afternoon, DH and I are going on a river boat tour and then meeting a friend for drinks in the same bar where Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson filmed "It's Five O'clock somewhere." It's a Tiki Bar on the water, sandy beach, great view.

In the meantime, I'm trying to revise the Nocturne Bite that was due, uh, yesterday, but that I got an extension on. And as soon as that's done, I have 2 months to finish the Egyptian historical that I have only 50,000 words on.

I have two months to write 40,000 words. Now, I'm a fast writer, but the day job demands have been pretty intense lately, and I get home and I'm so tired at night I fall asleep. Little writing done.

So I guess I had better speed up. And quit blogging and get to work! After I walk the dog... he's so cute. A little furball. I call him fluffernutter, after the marshmellow treat.