Monday, August 31, 2015

Creating a world

One of the fun things about writing paranormals is creating the world. I'm now tinkering with the deeper world of the wizards of the Werewolves of Montana. For example, in Tristan's book, in order to get his love to Tir Na-nog, where he lives, he must take her through the Shadow Lands.

What are the Shadow Lands?

The Shadow Lands exist in a murky world that is like a purgatory or a parallel universe. OtherWorlders who have died and committed some kind of offense, or they aren't ready to go to Tir Na-nog live there. They can redeem themselves and be reincarnated, usually by doing some kind of brave task. 

Drust, the dragon shifter who was Sebastian's great-grandfather, who committed a grave offense against Tristan, was banished to the Shadow Lands. Tristan will run into him when he takes his love there. The Shadow Lands hold all sorts of wonders, and perils. There are Fae who will charm you, and kill you. The Shadow Lands are like a glittering Fairy world combined with the perils of the fire swamp from Princess Bride.

Then there are the Dark Lands. This is the universe created for those who have committed the gravest of offenses. There is little way of escaping the Dark Lands, only if an Other makes a true and noble and selfless sacrifice. The Dark Lands are for those who kill for power and greed, and those who harm children, etc. 

The wizards, who are all immortal, can choose other ways to punish and imprison Others who have committed offenses. Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, had a special prison constructed for Changeling Gnomes (Obsession, Mating Mini #2). 

The wizards themselves have immense power, but they are vulnerable as well. They can travel back in time, but they are restricted from sharing their powers or their immortality. There is a way they can share their immortality, as you will see in Tristan's book, but they must be very judicious about it. In Temptation, a dragon story, the four wizards make a potion to aid Tristan in his quest to bring his love to Tir Na-nog. 

It's fun to create new worlds. And even more fun to write the characters who inhabit them! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Changing writing tactics

This weekend we went away for my husband's birthday to a quiet beach on the west coast. Three glorious days away, free from stress, despite the ominous hurricane/tropical storm brewing down south.

As DH drove, I got an idea. And I started writing on my alpha smart a short story about Xavier, the Crystal Wizard in my Werewolves of Montana series.

I love my alpha smart. It's terrific for traveling because I press a button and can create. And as I wrote, I realized my muse needed this vacation as well. It's been a long, long time since I wrote for "fun" and something that just came to me as an idea.

All weekend, in between walking on the beach, dining out, having fun, I wrote. I did what I call my roller coaster writing. I write bits and pieces of scenes as they come to me, and later, flesh them out.

The short story is not complete, but almost. In all, I wrote 12,000 words in three days. 12, 000 words!

It was proof that my style of writing works for me. It may not work for everyone.

It's a good story and different, told only in the POV of the Crystal Wizard.

Best, I had MORE ideas for the full stories for these four guys... and how to end Tristan's story, which I'm also writing.

Then, as we drove back from the west coast, I had another idea. I didn't want to stop with the short story. I started to write the beginning of Xavier's book. The short story flows into it.

I realized I hit upon a new self-publishing technique, at least for me. Write the short story and then later, the full book and blend them together so they flow into each other.

I feel very victorious with my writing. I wrote a total of 14,000 words this weekend.

Tomorrow, it's back to the day job and then the daily duties of being an author. But it was so much fun to let my imagination soar, and write what I wanted to write, for the sake of being creative!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Waiting, writing, waiting

I changed my writing tactics. I put Mating Challenge up for pre-order on Amazon this week, and because it is a long wait time for readers who have already waited so long for this book, I decided to expand a short story I wrote, and release that in the next two weeks.

The short story is entitled Waiting. I did make goal and expanded it from 5,000 words to 11,000. This gives a better insight into Nikita, and Tristan, and their backstory. Now it needs proofreading and then formatting. And a cover.

I also started working on Tristan's book again, and made progress. I'll be working on this book along with the new HQ book. But I discovered today that my new editor is leaving. Le sigh.

Trying to juggle projects, along with home chores, like laundry and getting the house ready for a birthday party tomorrow, is a challenge in itself. I honestly don't know how I did everything when I worked FT. Oh wait. I did not write as many books.

But I do feel more confident about the books I am releasing. I really like Waiting, and love Mating Challenge, and hopefully readers will as well.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hoping for a productive week

This weekend was not quite as productive as I'd hoped. Waylaid with a wicked sinus migraine that lingered for four days, plus the stress of a friend's mom's funeral, and some other things, writing was not a priority.

I worked on edits for The Mating Challenge. Still not happy with that book. It needs tinkering. 

But this morning as I got ready for the day job, I had an epiphany about Submission, the next dragon story. I'm writing this one for fun, to renergize my creative muse. I wrote down my ideas in a notebook, which I carry with me at all times. It helps when I get sudden bursts of inspiration.

And then at the day job it was, deep breath, you can do this. 

When I start a story, I need to visualize the characters first before I dive into the plot. Plotting is one of my weak points. But I love sketching out characters. I had the perfect scene for Justin, and to make him a soft "bad boy." A dragon with a wicked rep and a heart of gold. 

Kate's going to be harder. I have to find a way of balancing her troubles without making her weak or too aggressive. Then again, it's all a learning experience with new characters when I start a book! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Edits, edits

It's been years since I posted on this blog. Now that I am juggling several various writing projects, I thought I'd revive it.

Working on Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge. That's how I'm spending my Saturday. Some people think writing is a hobby, but when you are an author trying to earn a living from publishing books, it is a business. I have an incorporated business and I earn money every month from my self-published books. I am finally working part-time at the day job, a goal I've had for quite a while. It's a dream come true, but a dream I work hard to maintain.

Life is short and dreams are important! I was reminded of that this morning, when DH and I attended the funeral for a friend's mom. It was quite emotional. She lived a good, long life, but still, it was emotional. In a way, I was reminded of losing my own mother. Like DH said, you do not truly grow up until you lose your parents, because as long as they are alive you will always be "their kid."

The edits are going slow, probably because I'm exhausted from little sleep last night. I want this book to shine. Yesterday I wrote 2,000 words on Submission, a new dragon story. Usually I can produce a higher word count, but I fought a wicked sinus migraine and had to go get a massage to try to reduce the pain. Stress and tension.

It's been that kind of week, with lots of administrative appointments, from the financial advisor to the lawyer, and now topped with the funeral. Tonight DH and I are going out to a musical, so that will be a welcome diversion.

I'm not as productive as I had hoped this week, but if I can slog through these edits today and tomorrow and finish them, I'll be happy. Need to get this book up on Amazon for preorder. Readers have waited long enough for it!