Sunday, August 30, 2015

Changing writing tactics

This weekend we went away for my husband's birthday to a quiet beach on the west coast. Three glorious days away, free from stress, despite the ominous hurricane/tropical storm brewing down south.

As DH drove, I got an idea. And I started writing on my alpha smart a short story about Xavier, the Crystal Wizard in my Werewolves of Montana series.

I love my alpha smart. It's terrific for traveling because I press a button and can create. And as I wrote, I realized my muse needed this vacation as well. It's been a long, long time since I wrote for "fun" and something that just came to me as an idea.

All weekend, in between walking on the beach, dining out, having fun, I wrote. I did what I call my roller coaster writing. I write bits and pieces of scenes as they come to me, and later, flesh them out.

The short story is not complete, but almost. In all, I wrote 12,000 words in three days. 12, 000 words!

It was proof that my style of writing works for me. It may not work for everyone.

It's a good story and different, told only in the POV of the Crystal Wizard.

Best, I had MORE ideas for the full stories for these four guys... and how to end Tristan's story, which I'm also writing.

Then, as we drove back from the west coast, I had another idea. I didn't want to stop with the short story. I started to write the beginning of Xavier's book. The short story flows into it.

I realized I hit upon a new self-publishing technique, at least for me. Write the short story and then later, the full book and blend them together so they flow into each other.

I feel very victorious with my writing. I wrote a total of 14,000 words this weekend.

Tomorrow, it's back to the day job and then the daily duties of being an author. But it was so much fun to let my imagination soar, and write what I wanted to write, for the sake of being creative!

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