Saturday, August 15, 2015

Edits, edits

It's been years since I posted on this blog. Now that I am juggling several various writing projects, I thought I'd revive it.

Working on Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge. That's how I'm spending my Saturday. Some people think writing is a hobby, but when you are an author trying to earn a living from publishing books, it is a business. I have an incorporated business and I earn money every month from my self-published books. I am finally working part-time at the day job, a goal I've had for quite a while. It's a dream come true, but a dream I work hard to maintain.

Life is short and dreams are important! I was reminded of that this morning, when DH and I attended the funeral for a friend's mom. It was quite emotional. She lived a good, long life, but still, it was emotional. In a way, I was reminded of losing my own mother. Like DH said, you do not truly grow up until you lose your parents, because as long as they are alive you will always be "their kid."

The edits are going slow, probably because I'm exhausted from little sleep last night. I want this book to shine. Yesterday I wrote 2,000 words on Submission, a new dragon story. Usually I can produce a higher word count, but I fought a wicked sinus migraine and had to go get a massage to try to reduce the pain. Stress and tension.

It's been that kind of week, with lots of administrative appointments, from the financial advisor to the lawyer, and now topped with the funeral. Tonight DH and I are going out to a musical, so that will be a welcome diversion.

I'm not as productive as I had hoped this week, but if I can slog through these edits today and tomorrow and finish them, I'll be happy. Need to get this book up on Amazon for preorder. Readers have waited long enough for it!

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Angelique Armae said...

I hear you about life sometimes getting in the way of work. But glad you are still writing. That is what is important, even if it's just a few words at one sitting.