Monday, August 17, 2015

Hoping for a productive week

This weekend was not quite as productive as I'd hoped. Waylaid with a wicked sinus migraine that lingered for four days, plus the stress of a friend's mom's funeral, and some other things, writing was not a priority.

I worked on edits for The Mating Challenge. Still not happy with that book. It needs tinkering. 

But this morning as I got ready for the day job, I had an epiphany about Submission, the next dragon story. I'm writing this one for fun, to renergize my creative muse. I wrote down my ideas in a notebook, which I carry with me at all times. It helps when I get sudden bursts of inspiration.

And then at the day job it was, deep breath, you can do this. 

When I start a story, I need to visualize the characters first before I dive into the plot. Plotting is one of my weak points. But I love sketching out characters. I had the perfect scene for Justin, and to make him a soft "bad boy." A dragon with a wicked rep and a heart of gold. 

Kate's going to be harder. I have to find a way of balancing her troubles without making her weak or too aggressive. Then again, it's all a learning experience with new characters when I start a book! 

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