Friday, August 21, 2015

Waiting, writing, waiting

I changed my writing tactics. I put Mating Challenge up for pre-order on Amazon this week, and because it is a long wait time for readers who have already waited so long for this book, I decided to expand a short story I wrote, and release that in the next two weeks.

The short story is entitled Waiting. I did make goal and expanded it from 5,000 words to 11,000. This gives a better insight into Nikita, and Tristan, and their backstory. Now it needs proofreading and then formatting. And a cover.

I also started working on Tristan's book again, and made progress. I'll be working on this book along with the new HQ book. But I discovered today that my new editor is leaving. Le sigh.

Trying to juggle projects, along with home chores, like laundry and getting the house ready for a birthday party tomorrow, is a challenge in itself. I honestly don't know how I did everything when I worked FT. Oh wait. I did not write as many books.

But I do feel more confident about the books I am releasing. I really like Waiting, and love Mating Challenge, and hopefully readers will as well.

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