Friday, September 25, 2015

Working hard...

Aiden's book comes out next week, Oct. 1. I can't believe the release date is upon me. In the meantime, I'm writing, writing, writing. I'm focused on Tristan's story, The Mating Season, and determined to make a huge dent in that book before I have to yank my attention to the Harlequin, due in January.

I decided, with two big projects I must tackle by year's end, that I need a road map so I wrote a synopsis for Tristan's story. It really helps to have one, so I can ID the conflict, both the external and internal. Writing a synopsis is required for all my HQ books, and it's a very useful tool for my indie books as well.

I'm hoping to reach 25,000 words by Sunday on Tristan's book. A very lofty goal and I will probably not meet it since I need to have a life, too. But we'll see!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Creative writing

Last weekend DH and I went away for a much-needed mini break. We headed to the west coast of Florida, where we always go when we need a weekend away. The beach is quiet, wide and lovely for walking. Our hotel sits on the beach and if we are able to snag a room with an oceanfront view, we can sit on the balcony and take in the briny air and listen to the seagulls.

I've written a couple of stories at this hotel, inspired by the setting. When I get away for a few days, I leave behind the responsibilities and distractions of everyday life, such as dogs, laundry, the business, the day job, and whether or not I should clean the house.

While driving over there, I got inspired and took out my alpha smart and began to write. I had an idea for a short story. I fell in love with this story as I wrote on and off all weekend. A writer's imagination never stops. Friends ask, "Where DO you get your ideas?"

It's easy for me. In this short story, which I am calling "Lovestruck," I had a scene for Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, and the heroine, Ciara, as I sat on the beach in the shade, writing on the alpha smart. I could "see" Xavier in his beach chair, glowering as the cute cougar shifter flirts with Ciara. Xavier set up the meeting, but secretly, he wants Ciara for himself.

Even when we ended our trip with a visit to the flea market, I had an idea. I could "see" Ciara standing at a market stall, selling her artwork. And she has a painting of Xavier, and she misses him oh-so-badly. There was a grizzled biker with a bright orange shirt passing us by as DH and I ate hot dogs, and he went into the story.

Beware. You never known when you will inspire an author!

I had so much fun writing Lovestruck, and freeing my imagination. The story still needs fine tuning. I had to set it aside and focus on edits for another story this week. Edits are another kind of beast. You have to switch from your right brain creativity to your left brain, and that's always challenging for me.

But I slogged through and I'm proud to say that I finished edits last night. The book is "almost" ready to go to the proofreader. And when I am finished, I will reward myself later this week, when I am off from the day job, by returning to Xavier's story and finishing it.

Making a living from writing is hard work. You have to promote yourself all the time and you are only as good as your last book. But it is fun, especially when I get to create entire new worlds where love is the answer, and magick rules.