Friday, September 25, 2015

Working hard...

Aiden's book comes out next week, Oct. 1. I can't believe the release date is upon me. In the meantime, I'm writing, writing, writing. I'm focused on Tristan's story, The Mating Season, and determined to make a huge dent in that book before I have to yank my attention to the Harlequin, due in January.

I decided, with two big projects I must tackle by year's end, that I need a road map so I wrote a synopsis for Tristan's story. It really helps to have one, so I can ID the conflict, both the external and internal. Writing a synopsis is required for all my HQ books, and it's a very useful tool for my indie books as well.

I'm hoping to reach 25,000 words by Sunday on Tristan's book. A very lofty goal and I will probably not meet it since I need to have a life, too. But we'll see!

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