Saturday, October 3, 2015

Aiden's book is out!

Hard to believe it is October already! The Mating Challenge was released on Thursday and my computer took a nose dive. Thankfully, it seems to be working ok now, because we got a new monitor. And that's a good thing because I am plunging ahead with The Mating Season, Tristan's book. Lovestruck, the prequel to Xavier's book, is being edited as I write this.

I made goal, actually, I exceeded my goal last weekend. Instead of getting to 25,000 words on Tristan's story, I reached 28,000! And then I hit a roadblock... not just the day job and working long hours there, but I fell ill and then the computer got sick, too. Such is the life of an author...

I'm hoping to finish Tristan's book by month's end, because I have to really crack down to write the new Navy SEAL book for HQ that is due in January.

Balance, balance, I keep telling myself. The cleaning lady told me today that "You work too hard. You always working!"

And I told her, "I have bills to pay, lol."

Truth is, I love to write. It's not work, as much as it is fun. But the other side of being an author is work...the promotional stuff, paying the vendors, formatting, publishing, etc.

Writing is fun. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth and frustrating, like today when the computer went dark. But it's wonderful to create a world where I can indulge my imagination, and provide readers an escape from the gloom and doom of the world.

And speaking of writing, it's BACK TO WORK!