Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Writing again

Back in October, I had to set aside Tristan's book (The Mating Season) in order to work on Navy Seal Seduction, the first romantic suspense book for Harlequin in my new trilogy. That book was due Jan. 15.

I finished the book, and I'm so proud that I did, because we had a huge crisis happen to us the week of Christmas. We had a flood in our master bathroom and discovered lots of black mold growing between the walls. We had to hire a mold mitigation contractor and gut the bathroom, and remove part of the new kitchen. And we had to move out of the house last month, Jan. 17, while all this work was being done.

We moved back last weekend, Feb. 6. It was tough on our two elderly Shih Tzu dogs, one of whom has stage 3 kidney failure.

The mold was discovered when we removed drywall in the kitchen to see if the flood was caused by a burst pipe, and we discovered the bathtub drain was leaking and rusted. Not good. There was standing water in the peatrap. And the mold. After the drywall was removed, my husband and I started getting very sick with respiratory problems. He was coughing and I was coughing and wheezing at night.

I now have bronchitis, thanks to all this.

But I digress. I finished Navy Seal Seduction, it went to edits and it's DONE DONE DONE. Navy Seal Seduction is out July of this year. I also wrote the proposal for the second book and turned that in.

So now at last I am ready to return to writing Tristan's story. It's been a long, grueling two months and it's tough to get my writing mojo back for this book because it means switching from RS to PNR. And with all the chaos of the house, and renting our condo, almost all our spare time has been sucked up with home obligations.

My goal tomorrow is to read through what I've written, and then push ahead on this story. Wish me luck!

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