Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tristan, ah Tristan!

My apologies to you, the Silver Wizard I created for my Werewolves of Montana series. I had every good intention to finish your book and move on. Your book is now (partly) with an editor, but it is not finished.

After I finished writing the last post about trying to get back to your book, I spent most of the weekend at our rental unit. I had to hire movers to move out the sofa and loveseat we'd purchased to live in the condo while the demolition was taking place in our home. But we rented the condo and the new tenants were moving in.

Then that Saturday, DH and I spent the day cleaning and doing last minute fixes to the place to make it nice for the new tenants.

Come Monday, it was back to the day job. And then on Feb. 18th, the Thursday I had off from the day job, I just sort of collapsed. Well, that and I had to send in the proposal for the next Navy SEAL book. Oh, but I got my hair done!

Tristan, you wouldn't understand, being a guy and a wizard, how important it is for a woman to have a beauty day after she's been through the hell of renovation and having to be uprooted from her home due to a flood and mold.

So I figured the week of Feb. 25th... that's when I could focus on your book! But that was the weekend of Sleuthfest, the annual mystery writers conference. I did at least send off the revised proposal to my HQ editor. But alas, no time to write your book except in bits and pieces.

That is why today, Thursday, I am concentrating on YOU. I'm nearly at 50,000 words, about 5,000 more to go. You're finally going to get out of the hell of the Shadow Lands.

And maybe soon I'll get out of there, too, with my house! Thanks for your patience!

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