Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Break time

What a crazy year it's been already. We are on vacation this week, taking a break while our house sitter watches over things back home.

From the bathroom fiasco to Holly, our Shih Tzu, getting seriously ill from kidney failure and needing sub Q fluids twice a day, and Cookie, our other Shih Tzu having breathing trouble, and trying to write and publish books, and the stress of DH's job and my PT job...we needed a vacation.

It's hard for us to pack up and simply leave, not only because of work, but mainly because our dogs are elderly and can't be boarded. We did board Holly at the animal hospital because of her needs, but the vet advised that next time we probably won't have to do that. We are blessed with a good friend who can house sit and watch over the other dog, and a great pet sitter who can help as well, so that is why we left this week.

And it was my birthday, and I needed a vacation!

And getting away has been interesting because as I put it to DH, when you are so stressed with trying to get so much done, and have so much on your plate, and then you finally slow down, your body simply says, "Ok, I'm collapsing now!"

I'm more tired NOW than I was before. Part of it probably is the altitude of the mountains...we are in Estes Park, about 7,000 feet above our Florida sea level.

I've spent four days NOT writing or doing anything closely resembling work. And now, on Tuesday, it's time to get back to business. I have a book due in June and I also want to get cracking on the rest of Xavier's story.

But the view by the window is lovely, even if the sky is grayish and sullen, and there is a rather frisky marmot who keeps popping in and out of view as he scrambles along the river, looking for food, or handouts.

Happy writing to me!

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