Monday, December 5, 2016

Where did this year go for this writer?

I have no clue. It's December. I still haven't started on the HQ book due. I am taking four days to go to a hotel this weekend to write. Focus. Being home has too many distractions. Laundry. Dogs. Stuff to do. I figure four days away, no phone, home, etc. and I can stream through and really make a dent in this book.

I wrote earlier this summer that I had burnout. Now I realize part of the burnout is that no one is buying the books. It's one thing to feel tired and burned out; another when no one is buying your books so you think, "Why am I killing myself to write this much?"

I've been sidelined with other projects and trying to make money. The short story turned into a novella of 41,000 words and it's out Dec. 12. Pre orders suck. Not the worst ever, but close. Very discouraging. I'm finally using instafreebie for a newsletter list, to build it up, but it's slow work. And I'm not even sure that it will work because it seems readers only want free, at least some of them. I have loyal readers who love the series, and I'm grateful for that.

Xavier's book is finished and going to edits in January, but I may delay publication in order to really promote it. I don't know. I suspect Xavier's book is the last in the series. I work really hard and it's not paying off. I told a friend this weekend at our Christmas party that I'm tired of spending all my free time promoting or trying to figure out promotions instead of writing.

I started a new project under a new name, to totally cut myself off from my real name. That project is 80 percent finished. Yay. No plans to promote, just put it up on KU and see what happens. Not even hiring a proofreader or editor. It would be hilarious if it made money. AFter all the money I've spent on editors and proofreaders, and this project takes off without either, I'd just laugh.

It costs me an average of $1,000 to produce an indie book, between the cover, editing and proofing and formatting. And I doubt I will break even with Cowboy Werewolf. Sad, sad state of affairs.

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