Thursday, June 23, 2016

Writing struggles

Haven't posted in here in a while because, quite frankly, I've been struggling to write the book due in a week. It's a new to me genre, and comes with all sorts of challenges. Not only layering in the conflict, but also the suspense and the mystery. My beta readers love it, but I'm still struggling. I know what the problem is... I'm burnt out.

I need to refill the well. The vacation in April was great, but didn't do the job because soon as I came home, I had to crack down and write the book. And so I was tasked with writing a 70,000 word book in two months.

Holly's renal failure also hit me emotionally more than I realized. I worry about her so much. We are giving her fluids twice a day, and hoping to taper off, but the internal medicine vet wants us to keep doing twice a day, 200 ml, until next month's appointment. She IS much perkier and seems more alert and she's eating, so that is good. It was the 1 year anniversary of Dolce's death this week, so I really got hit hard. Plus a coworker I've known for nearly 20 years died unexpectedly. I was going to talk with her about a project and the next day, she was dead.

Life goes on, but the older I get, the more I'm reminded of those glimspes of how mortal we are. And how we need to cherish every moment.

So after I turn in this book, and turn in the proposal for the next one, I'm taking a break. No more indie stories for a while. My income from books has gone way down, as it has for many other authors, which is another reason I've been struggling. It's one thing to write books and have a fab income and get that monetary and necessary reward. It's another to have a new release and have it tank. I need to stop, take a good, hard look at my writing career, and reassess.

And take a break. Maybe on the two days off during the week, instead of struggling to write, I'll go to the beach and read. Or visit a museum with a friend. Regain that love of writing.

Until then, it's finish this book. Almost done. Only 6,000 words left. I can and I will do this!