Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday August 22, 2016 breaktime, sort of

Have not written in here in a long time. I did turn in the book that was due July 1...on time. I turned in the proposal a little late, on July 18. The book was more important as Shielded by the Cowboy Seal is out in Feb. Good news! My editor read it, loved it and had only a few changes, which I have not yet gotten back. But I did get the acceptance check, which was really nice!

A bright spot in the ups and downs of our lives, caring for an elderly rescue dog and another one with severe kidney failure. Day jobs and responsibilities.

I told myself I was taking the month of August off to recover from writing. I did write 2,000 words on Xavier's story this weekend when we were at Ft. Myers Beach for Dh's birthday. I wrote in the sand, warming my toes in the sun. Every day we swam in the Gulf, and each morning, we took a long walk along the beach. It was sorely needed.