Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy, busy

Can't believe it is Sept. 17 already. I'm floored. I started writing a new short story which is a novella now, and I'm up to 17,000 words. But I got copy edits for the next HQ book, which were given to me late. So this weekend I have to do them as they are due Monday. Such is the life of a hybrid author.

The novella means a lot to me because I still have burnout and I'm still struggling with the writing. It was a fun project, and I needed a fun project. Not a project to make money, but a project to rediscover my joy in writing. With all that has happened this year, from the renovations from the mold, the dog being critically ill and having to take her back and forth to the ER, the stress of my work at the day job, though it is PT, it's been a tough year. I'm trying to learn to balance everything and most of all, take care of my health. And my stress levels. Lately I've woken up with headaches. DH said it might be high blood pressure, but last Friday I was at the doctor and it was fine. I think it is sinus trouble.

The good news is my back troubles are mostly gone. Taking the mattress topper off our bed has helped a lot. I need a firmer mattress. My hip problems are mostly gone, just twinges now and then. the CT scan showed nothing, except normal aging degeneration/arthritis.

I need to exercise more. I got my Fitbit out but this weekend, it's not happening much since I have to get these edits done. It's so freaking hot still. I will join YouFit. That's a certainty.

And I have another book due Dec. 1. I might ask for a one month extension. No one is going to read it in Dec. anyway. Everyone is too busy.

I think I have a plan, though. This weekend I am working on Cowboy werewolf to send to a beta reader, and doing edits as well. Then next week I will finish Cowboy werewolf since I have only 10,000, no, less than 10,000 words to go.

I'll head out to a bed and breakfast or a hotel if necessary for a few days next month to get away so I can focus on the third RS book for HQ. And also in between I will finish X's book. I have 45,000 words already. Maybe I can get that book done to have an early 2017 release date.

I used to go like gangbusters on books, and I've slowed down this year. Some of which is because of the HQ books I've been writing; others because of the stuff at home with the house. But I'm slowly putting the pieces back together.