Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April already? New writing projects

Much has happened since I last posted in February. I waffled about a new HQ contract when my editor contacted me about writing a Colton book. Yay. I have a new contract. The proposal is done and accepted already. Deadline is December. I'm going to have fun writing this one. And we are headed to SD in June for research, since we have never been there and the series is set in SD. I'm going to RWA and hoping to meet my editor. Maybe after this summer I'll try to get another contract. I do enjoy the RS books, just not the hard deadlines.

Mating Game was released March 13. Now I'm speeding ahead on Mating Ritual, Gideon's book. I have 34,000 words and I really want to focus on this book because I'm in "the mood" for this PNR. I started it shortly after March 13. It will be around 42,000 words. Plan is to release it next month.

I'm also doing a short story for a boxed set, a change for me, publishing under another name. It's 15,000 words, due June 1. I plan a series around it and if the first two books tank, I'll stop writing them. This summer is the summer of experimenting to see what sells.

Homewise, dogs are doing well, knock wood. Always a concern with Holly and the kidney failure, but so far she's eating great, exercising and her BW three weeks ago looked good. Cookie is 14 and her fav pastimes are eating and sleeping. Long as they have their health, I"m happy.

We are taking them and going away later this month for a much-needed mini vaca on the west coast. thank God for security cameras and good neighbors.

My butterfly garden is doing well. I have about 18 monarch caterpillars that formed chrysalises and hopefully will be butterflies soon. Must get more milkweed and nectar plants.

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