Tuesday, May 30, 2017


End of May and I've almost reached my goal for income. Almost. Very close.

And life is catching up to me. My body is. My back has been aching since Saturday. Sunday it was bad and yesterday it was v. nasty. Hoping to get to the chiropractor today for relief. Standing and walking is worse than sitting. Could be sciatica.

Back to the day job. I'm still so swamped. I have 20 pages of edits left on Gideon's book, plus a scene to toss in there to make it sound better. And the Tia story due June 1, which is done. And I wanted to get another 10,000 words done on the second Tia book. I have 10,000 already. Getting a new cover as well.

My newsletter needs work. Major work. And we still have to get the house ready before we leave it in the hands of the house sitter. Must call the rug guy and the cleaning lady. I have an appointment this Thursday with Holly's vet.

But we did get a lot accomplished this weekend, including cleeaning out the train room to put stuff in there. That was a task that took him a couple of hours. So glad that is done!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

New story is fun

I'm up to 10,000 words on the new puppy story I'm writing under another name. Woot! Wrote 4,000 words today. But I have to edit Gideon's book, too. That comes first. Still, I had to write. Editing is another mindset.

All three beta readers loved the first puppy story, and the proofreader did as well. They all thought it was cute. I hope I've latched onto something that will sell well. I am having fun with it.

Going for a swim at a neighbor's house, and then to good friends later for brats, wine and a car ride in his antique Chevy!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wish every month could be this good...

For income, that is. I ran the numbers again for sales for this month. No new release. Not not next month, but wow, the Bookbub ad really paid off. Plus the ENT ad, though it was meh, gave it a little bump.

This month is the most money I've made with my indie books in more than a year. It's like the old days of 2013 have returned. Of course the sales are starting to lag again, but at least I did make some money, which is really encouraging. I exceeded by goal for the month.

It means I have more money to reinvest in the business, and pay bills without cringing. Run ads for my new project this summer.

The new book out next month is on sale for 99 cents for preorder. Sales rank was about 3,000 last night. I've sold almost 200 copies so far, and haven't advertised it. But I don't know if I will sell enough when I raise the price.

Wish I could find someone to do effective FB ads for me.

I am feeling more relaxed this morning now that the project is done. The first story, anyway. First beta reader responded with enthusiasm. Waiting on a couple of others. I did have fun writing this. And I sat down to outline the next story, which i need to get finished and edited by Sept. when the boxed set comes out. I want to release the second story right away, so readers don't have to wait.

I spent almost all of Saturday morning designing a website. I realized I needed one...and I secured the domain name as well. So that project is done.

I was going to take yesterday afternoon off. Funny thing is, the friend I'd texted to do something with yesterday stood me up. Well, not really. She was all set to do something and then she never responded to phone calls or my texts. So I went to the train park with the dog, walked her, came home and worked again, but at a less frenetic pace. And last night we went out with Karen and Andrew and their daughter, so that was really nice. I needed a break!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17

Better today. MIA person is alive, which is good. I have a goal to finish the 15,000 word short story by Sunday. I believe this can be done.

I'm working a full day today and DH has side jobs tonight. Tomorrow I plan to start early, and then go to a friend's house to write so I don't get distracted by house chores or dogs. I can do this!

I had better, since the story is due this week!

The ENT ad yesterday was meh in results. Maybe about 100 books sold on amazon. A blip on the sales chart. Sales rank dipped down to 2,800. So the Book Bub helped with the initial rank, and the ENT ad made it lower, but not spectacular.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Head desk kind of day

Hard to explain. One of those days. Issues at home, worried about the dog and her CRF and how we are supposed to go away next month (how are we supposed to relax if I am worried about the fluids and how Holly is going to eat?)

And leftover stuff from yesterday, from the person who is MIA that there is nothing anyone can do, to the fallout at HQ. And the editor who got the ax. It will affect me, in a distant way, because if I want to get a new contract for HQ, I will be competing against all those authors who are now homeless since their lines got cancelled. Five lines! Nocturne hit me the most... even though I saw the writing on the wall two years ago when they said that authors had to share a book. And distribution went downhill... the retailers didn't want the books. So if I had written for Nocturne, I could have been the bottom rung author and you could only find my book in B&N in paperback... even though my editor said I could write two books and have it to myself. Those books were so much FUN to write, but man, it took me a long time. I could barely churn out one a year working FT, with doing proposals and redoing them. 

Today was the ENT Book of the Day for Mating Challenge. I have tracked sales for MC through yesterday so I know how well the Book Bub did. I reasoned that anything sold today is because of the ENT ad. The sales rank dropped from 13,000 to 3,800, but it's nothing like what happened with the Book Bub. I'll tally the final results tomorrow. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15

I finally finished Gideon's book, sent it to two beta readers and the editor. First beta reader responded already; very good feedback. It needs work. I knew that scene needed to be in her POV. But I was in a rush. See what happens when you are in a rush?

I am setting the book aside and will address it this weekend when I get it back from the editor. After the extensive love scenes, the book came in at 61,000 words. Far longer than I had intended! I'm selling at preorder for 99 cents and then will up the price after 4 days of the release.

I have to get cracking on the short contemporary that is due in two weeks. I DO have some of it written, have not been able to focus on it. But it's only 15,000 words.

This past weekend I went to breakfast with two author friends at the beach. It was nice to talk writing. Things have changed so much over the years. Just to compare, I downloaded my Kindle sales for the past 3 years for May, to compare them to this month and having the push of the BookBub.


My best year was when I released Mating Rite in May, 2014. OMG. We are talking I made about $1200 more in income that year. Yes, new release. But it was 2014. Lovely 2014, when the indie book biz was still booming, and the draining effect of KU had not yet flattened the indie romance market.

Still, I am grateful for having a good month this year, thanks to BookBub. Grateful I can work PT instead of FT and traveling. I don't know how i managed 3 years ago to travel AND produce as many books as I did. Part of me wonders if I had been able to release more books, and make more money, would i have been better off?

I don't know. But it is what it is. Thankfully, because of the day job, I was able to save some of that lovely income I earned from books when the indie publishing boom was at its zenith. I did get in a little late - 2011 was my first indie short story, but I didn't self publish much until 2014. 2013 I published Mating Chase, Hunt and Mating Seduction. Three books and a boxed set, thanks to a good friend, and that exposure really helped. I saved some money for my business to put the money back into building my business, so now when I take out ads or pay an editor for a new book, I use that savings instead of the current income.

If money didn't matter, and time, I would just write PNR. But I am trying the sweet contempt to see how a new pen name and a new genre will work out, esp. since I had the chance to launch the new name in a boxed set that may do very well in sales, and get me into the hands of new readers. Now I have to write the second book after the first to take advantage of that. But i have time, right?


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May already, and I'm soooo far behind

I have a short story due by the end of the month and I'm still editing Gideon's book. His book was supposed to be 40,000 words, but I could not write it that short. He is a major character in the series, so now his story is 55,000 words and will come in around 57,000 words by the time I am finished.

The Book Bub was a very nice surprise with sales. Not as great as others, who have had around 4,000 or 6,000 sales. I believe I will top off around 3,000 by the time the tail is in. But the money is nice and I also have had sales in the series. All of that is tapering off now, about a week from when the book was featured. I paid $424, I think, and it more than paid for itself.

I did get down to number 96 on Amazon, so at least I made the Top 100. By myself. A real first for me. I'm sure others have done much better, but this was pretty cool for me, considering my sales of MC were lukewarm. Only 14 copies from May 1 to 3.

I have an ENT ad next week.

Work at the day job is going OK. I just feel like I am still juggling balls. My bro was down this weekend and we had a very good time. He arrived Friday, as the cleaning lady was in the middle of cleaning the house. We sat and chatted. DH was working late bc of an emergency at the hospital, so we waited on dinner until he could join us.

Saturday we went to Wakodahatchee wildlife preserve and saw all the wading birds and the gators, and then ate breakfast at Farmer Girl and went to Amelia's Smarty plants, where I bought more lantana. Then DH and Drew went to the train park to ride the train while I was home, writing.

We ate at Sal's Saturday night, and sunday am Drew worked for four hours in the yard, cleaning up my butterfly garden and landscaping. We went to butterfly world after that and we laughed as a butterfly landed on his head. The walking tree. (groot!)

I miss him. He left early Monday a.m.

I'm hoping to finish editing Gideon's story tomorrow and then give it to my beta reader, and then start on the short. I already started it, but really have to dig in and get to the meat of it.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book bub day

Mating Challenge was the Book bub feature in the PNR category of their newsletter. At 8 p.m. my rank on Amazon for MC is 127. I think that is the lowest it will go. I'd love to sell more books, earn more money and be able to relax a little, but I'm grateful I got selected for a Book Bub. The sales are being affected across the entire series, which is pretty nice. I wonder what it would be like to have these kind of sales every day. What a giddy feeling it must be!

My author rank is number 19 in PNR on Amazon, which is very nice as well. I've never achieved that on my own.