Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15

I finally finished Gideon's book, sent it to two beta readers and the editor. First beta reader responded already; very good feedback. It needs work. I knew that scene needed to be in her POV. But I was in a rush. See what happens when you are in a rush?

I am setting the book aside and will address it this weekend when I get it back from the editor. After the extensive love scenes, the book came in at 61,000 words. Far longer than I had intended! I'm selling at preorder for 99 cents and then will up the price after 4 days of the release.

I have to get cracking on the short contemporary that is due in two weeks. I DO have some of it written, have not been able to focus on it. But it's only 15,000 words.

This past weekend I went to breakfast with two author friends at the beach. It was nice to talk writing. Things have changed so much over the years. Just to compare, I downloaded my Kindle sales for the past 3 years for May, to compare them to this month and having the push of the BookBub.


My best year was when I released Mating Rite in May, 2014. OMG. We are talking I made about $1200 more in income that year. Yes, new release. But it was 2014. Lovely 2014, when the indie book biz was still booming, and the draining effect of KU had not yet flattened the indie romance market.

Still, I am grateful for having a good month this year, thanks to BookBub. Grateful I can work PT instead of FT and traveling. I don't know how i managed 3 years ago to travel AND produce as many books as I did. Part of me wonders if I had been able to release more books, and make more money, would i have been better off?

I don't know. But it is what it is. Thankfully, because of the day job, I was able to save some of that lovely income I earned from books when the indie publishing boom was at its zenith. I did get in a little late - 2011 was my first indie short story, but I didn't self publish much until 2014. 2013 I published Mating Chase, Hunt and Mating Seduction. Three books and a boxed set, thanks to a good friend, and that exposure really helped. I saved some money for my business to put the money back into building my business, so now when I take out ads or pay an editor for a new book, I use that savings instead of the current income.

If money didn't matter, and time, I would just write PNR. But I am trying the sweet contempt to see how a new pen name and a new genre will work out, esp. since I had the chance to launch the new name in a boxed set that may do very well in sales, and get me into the hands of new readers. Now I have to write the second book after the first to take advantage of that. But i have time, right?


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