Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May already, and I'm soooo far behind

I have a short story due by the end of the month and I'm still editing Gideon's book. His book was supposed to be 40,000 words, but I could not write it that short. He is a major character in the series, so now his story is 55,000 words and will come in around 57,000 words by the time I am finished.

The Book Bub was a very nice surprise with sales. Not as great as others, who have had around 4,000 or 6,000 sales. I believe I will top off around 3,000 by the time the tail is in. But the money is nice and I also have had sales in the series. All of that is tapering off now, about a week from when the book was featured. I paid $424, I think, and it more than paid for itself.

I did get down to number 96 on Amazon, so at least I made the Top 100. By myself. A real first for me. I'm sure others have done much better, but this was pretty cool for me, considering my sales of MC were lukewarm. Only 14 copies from May 1 to 3.

I have an ENT ad next week.

Work at the day job is going OK. I just feel like I am still juggling balls. My bro was down this weekend and we had a very good time. He arrived Friday, as the cleaning lady was in the middle of cleaning the house. We sat and chatted. DH was working late bc of an emergency at the hospital, so we waited on dinner until he could join us.

Saturday we went to Wakodahatchee wildlife preserve and saw all the wading birds and the gators, and then ate breakfast at Farmer Girl and went to Amelia's Smarty plants, where I bought more lantana. Then DH and Drew went to the train park to ride the train while I was home, writing.

We ate at Sal's Saturday night, and sunday am Drew worked for four hours in the yard, cleaning up my butterfly garden and landscaping. We went to butterfly world after that and we laughed as a butterfly landed on his head. The walking tree. (groot!)

I miss him. He left early Monday a.m.

I'm hoping to finish editing Gideon's story tomorrow and then give it to my beta reader, and then start on the short. I already started it, but really have to dig in and get to the meat of it.

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