Tuesday, May 30, 2017


End of May and I've almost reached my goal for income. Almost. Very close.

And life is catching up to me. My body is. My back has been aching since Saturday. Sunday it was bad and yesterday it was v. nasty. Hoping to get to the chiropractor today for relief. Standing and walking is worse than sitting. Could be sciatica.

Back to the day job. I'm still so swamped. I have 20 pages of edits left on Gideon's book, plus a scene to toss in there to make it sound better. And the Tia story due June 1, which is done. And I wanted to get another 10,000 words done on the second Tia book. I have 10,000 already. Getting a new cover as well.

My newsletter needs work. Major work. And we still have to get the house ready before we leave it in the hands of the house sitter. Must call the rug guy and the cleaning lady. I have an appointment this Thursday with Holly's vet.

But we did get a lot accomplished this weekend, including cleeaning out the train room to put stuff in there. That was a task that took him a couple of hours. So glad that is done!

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