Monday, May 22, 2017

Wish every month could be this good...

For income, that is. I ran the numbers again for sales for this month. No new release. Not not next month, but wow, the Bookbub ad really paid off. Plus the ENT ad, though it was meh, gave it a little bump.

This month is the most money I've made with my indie books in more than a year. It's like the old days of 2013 have returned. Of course the sales are starting to lag again, but at least I did make some money, which is really encouraging. I exceeded by goal for the month.

It means I have more money to reinvest in the business, and pay bills without cringing. Run ads for my new project this summer.

The new book out next month is on sale for 99 cents for preorder. Sales rank was about 3,000 last night. I've sold almost 200 copies so far, and haven't advertised it. But I don't know if I will sell enough when I raise the price.

Wish I could find someone to do effective FB ads for me.

I am feeling more relaxed this morning now that the project is done. The first story, anyway. First beta reader responded with enthusiasm. Waiting on a couple of others. I did have fun writing this. And I sat down to outline the next story, which i need to get finished and edited by Sept. when the boxed set comes out. I want to release the second story right away, so readers don't have to wait.

I spent almost all of Saturday morning designing a website. I realized I needed one...and I secured the domain name as well. So that project is done.

I was going to take yesterday afternoon off. Funny thing is, the friend I'd texted to do something with yesterday stood me up. Well, not really. She was all set to do something and then she never responded to phone calls or my texts. So I went to the train park with the dog, walked her, came home and worked again, but at a less frenetic pace. And last night we went out with Karen and Andrew and their daughter, so that was really nice. I needed a break!

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