Friday, June 30, 2017

Vacation was great

Stress levels are down after 10 days away. It was a lot of work to get all ready to leave, as I had to cut and bag ALL the meds for the dogs and they are on a LOT of meds. I bagged all the meds and sorted them out for each day,and labeled them as well to make it easier. I did this to give me peace of mind as much as to make it easier for the pet sitter. Our wonderful neighbor also gave Holly her fluids.

After the second day, I could relax.

I got BW done right before vacation, got new glasses, Frank took Cookie to the vet. We got a LOT done and I also followed up with the eye doctor. I'm putting drops in my eyes 2-3 times a day to keep them wet. I do believe, after our vacation, that my eye stress is caused by too much computer time and staring at a screen. So I'm also eating more bananas to help with my eyes.


My BW came back - all within normal limits. Woot! Glucose was a little high - 100 out of 65-99, but the A/C hemoglobin that shows diabetes was 5.5. Test ranges for pre-diabetes are 5.7 to 6.4. Over 6.4 is diabetic. Yay! BUN/Creatine was 28, normal is 23. I think I was dehydrated.

My EOS (white blood cell count) was a little high - 0.6 and normal is 0.4. Not sure if it's allergies.

Anyway, I went back to work yesterday and today. We got home Tuesday and I spent Wed doing laundry, at the beach with DH and out to lunch with DH and a good friend, having drinks.

It's a four day weekend,as the office is closed Monday and Tuesday. I only work at the office one day next week. Yay.

I have RWA to prepare for - but most of all, I need to return to the sweet contemporary I'm writing so it can be published late Sept.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The price of stress...ow

Stress got to me. Plus wearing my contacts too long last night. DH had to go back into work at 9:30 and didn't get home until 1:30 and I took my contacts out too late. Then while I was sleeping, rapid REM, I scratched my cornea. ow ow ow.

I've never done this before. Ow.

I'll get an eyepatch tonight. The MD said I don't need one, but I think it will help. I have eyedrops and I can't wear my contacts for 7 days. Ow.

Too much going on. I have a new release out, and I have done little to promote it except send out a newsletter. I need to rest!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Writing and stuff

Made some progress this weekend on the second Billionaire book. A friend at work made a nice spreadsheet for me to track my progress.... I have to write about 1700 words each of the days I'm supposed to write, in order to make goal by July 31, when I need to turn this book over to an editor. 

I think it is doable. This weekend I decided to have Allegra live in a senior citizen complex because the rent is cheap and her BFF lives there, who is the activities director for that complex. Allegra, like Chandler, is stuck. She WANTS to move, WANTS to get another job, but feels pressured to stay in the same place with the same people (her mother lives there) and in the same job because Gary gave her the opportunity to make something of herself. She is now an account exec. and she could go places.

Chandler and Allegra will both discover they can encourage each other to heal from their respective pasts, and move on. They are right for each other, but it will take some time for them to acknowledge it. The desire and attraction are there, but the emotions and the logic get in the way. No pleasure, just business. 

The big challenge with this book is balancing the humor with the serious part. With the PNR, it's all dark and emotions and story. But these are lighter books. I don't want them too funny and silly, but I need some humor and lightness.

I believe I succeed with Emma and Max, now have to apply the formula to Allegra and Chandler. 

ON the personal side, finally at the point where i can breathe a little easier. Only have a few chores to do before we leave the house and thedogs in the hands of the pet sitter/house sitter. I want to make everything as clear and easy as possible. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New battery, errands, stuff

Had to get a new battery since mine died yesterday at work. It was a crazy day at work, I was in a four-hour meeting, and instead of leaving at 4:00 as I needed to do, I left at 4:45. And then I realized, I forgot to clock out! So I drove around the front, shut the engine off in a hurry, ran inside and clocked out and then all the sudden, I could NOT start my car.

We had lots of rain, up to 15 inches, over the past two days. I thought it was that. Anyway, JG at work jumped the battery, and I was able to get home. But DH tested the battery last night and said it was going bad.

So this am I took Holly in for her vet appointment so the pet sitter can take her to Quiet Waters IF there is some reason K or E can't do fluids while we are gone. She's now a patient. And then Cookie had the runs because I gave her too much Fage yogurt last night. So I cooked rice and mixed with chicken and fed her that.

Then I went to Sears. The new mattress is being delivered between 2-4 today. I have 2 loads of laundry to do, including sheets. And I also formatted the final generic epub for Mating Ritual, which I will upload when I get home. I formatted while I was at the Sears waiting room. I need to do a newsletter as well and send that out Saturday and Sunday, release day.

I'm tired, lol. I am almost finished with the master schedule for E for when we are gone. I want to make sure all bases are covered so we can go away and relax and don't have to worry, and she knows what is going on.

I got my cover for Navy Seal Protector, out Oct. It's nice. The guy looks a little like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. I hope it sells well.

I have to decide what i'm going to do about my RS career. I finaled in the Daphne, which is real nice. It's a good award. But do I pursue a new HRS contract? Right now I don't even have time to write the Tia book I wanted to get out in September and i need to get cracking on the HQ book due in December.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rain, rain, epilogue

Got up yesterday at 5 and worked until it was time to go into the day job; then left the day job slightly after 6 p.m. Got home, went straight to the computer to format Mating Ritual and proof it ONE LAST TIME.

I didn't get the file finished and uploaded to Amazon until 9 pm.

Then I ate dinner. and drank wine. Too much. DH was already in bed by 9:30 as he gets up at 4 a.m.

I need our vacation.

But I am happy with the book and feel I did the best I could with it. Today I am at the day job again, it's break time. It's pouring outside; finally. We need the rain! I would love to be home in bed, snuggling with doggies. Or writing an epilogue to Gideon's story. This is the trouble with switching genres back and forth....I get soooo absorbed in that story that I want to continue it instead of returning to the story I NEED to be writing.

I can do a short extended epilogue. I was thinking about having  Alia and Gideon in their home and Gideon is troubled because he wants Alia to be happy and content, and she is having a little trouble adjusting. So he asks the goddess for advice and she tells him Alia has 2 other women she can befriend. And Alia, Niki, and Ciara all go to the Skin World and go shopping. Maybe they even take in a movie - Wonder Woman. I'd like to see Wonder Woman! But when?

Tomorrow J is coming over to work on the computer. Thursday I take holly to the vet at Quiet Waters and then the mattress is being delivered. Friday is my only free day, but I am getting the doggies groomed and we have a party for Alexis' graduation.

Saturday and Sunday are fairly free....but it's the weekend BEFORE we leave so I have to get EVERYTHING ready for the pet/house sitter.

I need more hours in the day. I realized this morning that i had spent 1-2 hours deleting photos on my camera after transferring them, so I could download an Uber app, since we are taking Uber back from the airport.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Trying to play catch up

My back got better with the aid of the chiropractor. But on Saturday, I jammed my finger and ended up in the ER on Sunday. At least that went quickly. Somehow time really slipped away from me this weekend. I spent Saturday morning cleaning up my newsletter list and changing over to Mailerlite because they have great templates and their reporting stats are easy to read. Plus I tested them out and the gmail eddies get through, though not to the primary accounts. I have hopes my open rate will increase with Mailerlite.

It was a learning curve, and a time suck, but a necessary one.

Thursday I took Holly to the vet and she had a great check up. Woo hoo. She's doing good so far, knock wood. Hopefully she will continue this way.  Friday I went to the chiropractor again and did some errands. And did another check on the Tia story and sent the Gideon story out for formatting.

I screwed up on Gideon, sent it out before really proofing it. I had to work on the edits I got back, looking all those over, and then I had to add in a VERY important scene to flesh out a scene that the editor totally skipped over, because she would have seen that I goofed in not giving Alia her moment to confront Gideon. Thank goodness the beta reader caught it and pointed it out. So I "finished" Gideon's book on Thursday and sent it out for formatting to my wonderful, amazing formatting person.

Oy. I was not happy with the person who edited that story. Never again.  and then yesterday I realized I really goofed and there was a huge mistake so I had to start all over again with that book.

Yesterday when I got back from the ER I began to read Gideon's book line by line. Editing. I did not finish until 10:30 pm and I was exhausted. Then up again at 5 am to do it again, proof one more time. But it's done and formatted and I'm content with it. It's a really good story and readers deserve to have it as close to error free as possible.

So many things to do before we leave. Just getting the house ready for the pet/house sitter is a huge task. I have a big To Do list that I keep tackling, but I NEED to make time for us, and for myself and time to relax and time to write. I have a friend at work who is going to help me schedule. I'm anxious about the next two books and making sure I have enough time. She told me she is really good at doing schedules and putting in time to get everything done. So this week I plan to sit with her after work and see what I can do about the rest of the year and the HQ book due in December (the one I am researching the end of the month in S. Dakota) and the two Tia books I need to get written.