Thursday, June 8, 2017

New battery, errands, stuff

Had to get a new battery since mine died yesterday at work. It was a crazy day at work, I was in a four-hour meeting, and instead of leaving at 4:00 as I needed to do, I left at 4:45. And then I realized, I forgot to clock out! So I drove around the front, shut the engine off in a hurry, ran inside and clocked out and then all the sudden, I could NOT start my car.

We had lots of rain, up to 15 inches, over the past two days. I thought it was that. Anyway, JG at work jumped the battery, and I was able to get home. But DH tested the battery last night and said it was going bad.

So this am I took Holly in for her vet appointment so the pet sitter can take her to Quiet Waters IF there is some reason K or E can't do fluids while we are gone. She's now a patient. And then Cookie had the runs because I gave her too much Fage yogurt last night. So I cooked rice and mixed with chicken and fed her that.

Then I went to Sears. The new mattress is being delivered between 2-4 today. I have 2 loads of laundry to do, including sheets. And I also formatted the final generic epub for Mating Ritual, which I will upload when I get home. I formatted while I was at the Sears waiting room. I need to do a newsletter as well and send that out Saturday and Sunday, release day.

I'm tired, lol. I am almost finished with the master schedule for E for when we are gone. I want to make sure all bases are covered so we can go away and relax and don't have to worry, and she knows what is going on.

I got my cover for Navy Seal Protector, out Oct. It's nice. The guy looks a little like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. I hope it sells well.

I have to decide what i'm going to do about my RS career. I finaled in the Daphne, which is real nice. It's a good award. But do I pursue a new HRS contract? Right now I don't even have time to write the Tia book I wanted to get out in September and i need to get cracking on the HQ book due in December.

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