Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rain, rain, epilogue

Got up yesterday at 5 and worked until it was time to go into the day job; then left the day job slightly after 6 p.m. Got home, went straight to the computer to format Mating Ritual and proof it ONE LAST TIME.

I didn't get the file finished and uploaded to Amazon until 9 pm.

Then I ate dinner. and drank wine. Too much. DH was already in bed by 9:30 as he gets up at 4 a.m.

I need our vacation.

But I am happy with the book and feel I did the best I could with it. Today I am at the day job again, it's break time. It's pouring outside; finally. We need the rain! I would love to be home in bed, snuggling with doggies. Or writing an epilogue to Gideon's story. This is the trouble with switching genres back and forth....I get soooo absorbed in that story that I want to continue it instead of returning to the story I NEED to be writing.

I can do a short extended epilogue. I was thinking about having  Alia and Gideon in their home and Gideon is troubled because he wants Alia to be happy and content, and she is having a little trouble adjusting. So he asks the goddess for advice and she tells him Alia has 2 other women she can befriend. And Alia, Niki, and Ciara all go to the Skin World and go shopping. Maybe they even take in a movie - Wonder Woman. I'd like to see Wonder Woman! But when?

Tomorrow J is coming over to work on the computer. Thursday I take holly to the vet at Quiet Waters and then the mattress is being delivered. Friday is my only free day, but I am getting the doggies groomed and we have a party for Alexis' graduation.

Saturday and Sunday are fairly free....but it's the weekend BEFORE we leave so I have to get EVERYTHING ready for the pet/house sitter.

I need more hours in the day. I realized this morning that i had spent 1-2 hours deleting photos on my camera after transferring them, so I could download an Uber app, since we are taking Uber back from the airport.

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