Monday, June 5, 2017

Trying to play catch up

My back got better with the aid of the chiropractor. But on Saturday, I jammed my finger and ended up in the ER on Sunday. At least that went quickly. Somehow time really slipped away from me this weekend. I spent Saturday morning cleaning up my newsletter list and changing over to Mailerlite because they have great templates and their reporting stats are easy to read. Plus I tested them out and the gmail eddies get through, though not to the primary accounts. I have hopes my open rate will increase with Mailerlite.

It was a learning curve, and a time suck, but a necessary one.

Thursday I took Holly to the vet and she had a great check up. Woo hoo. She's doing good so far, knock wood. Hopefully she will continue this way.  Friday I went to the chiropractor again and did some errands. And did another check on the Tia story and sent the Gideon story out for formatting.

I screwed up on Gideon, sent it out before really proofing it. I had to work on the edits I got back, looking all those over, and then I had to add in a VERY important scene to flesh out a scene that the editor totally skipped over, because she would have seen that I goofed in not giving Alia her moment to confront Gideon. Thank goodness the beta reader caught it and pointed it out. So I "finished" Gideon's book on Thursday and sent it out for formatting to my wonderful, amazing formatting person.

Oy. I was not happy with the person who edited that story. Never again.  and then yesterday I realized I really goofed and there was a huge mistake so I had to start all over again with that book.

Yesterday when I got back from the ER I began to read Gideon's book line by line. Editing. I did not finish until 10:30 pm and I was exhausted. Then up again at 5 am to do it again, proof one more time. But it's done and formatted and I'm content with it. It's a really good story and readers deserve to have it as close to error free as possible.

So many things to do before we leave. Just getting the house ready for the pet/house sitter is a huge task. I have a big To Do list that I keep tackling, but I NEED to make time for us, and for myself and time to relax and time to write. I have a friend at work who is going to help me schedule. I'm anxious about the next two books and making sure I have enough time. She told me she is really good at doing schedules and putting in time to get everything done. So this week I plan to sit with her after work and see what I can do about the rest of the year and the HQ book due in December (the one I am researching the end of the month in S. Dakota) and the two Tia books I need to get written.


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