Monday, June 12, 2017

Writing and stuff

Made some progress this weekend on the second Billionaire book. A friend at work made a nice spreadsheet for me to track my progress.... I have to write about 1700 words each of the days I'm supposed to write, in order to make goal by July 31, when I need to turn this book over to an editor. 

I think it is doable. This weekend I decided to have Allegra live in a senior citizen complex because the rent is cheap and her BFF lives there, who is the activities director for that complex. Allegra, like Chandler, is stuck. She WANTS to move, WANTS to get another job, but feels pressured to stay in the same place with the same people (her mother lives there) and in the same job because Gary gave her the opportunity to make something of herself. She is now an account exec. and she could go places.

Chandler and Allegra will both discover they can encourage each other to heal from their respective pasts, and move on. They are right for each other, but it will take some time for them to acknowledge it. The desire and attraction are there, but the emotions and the logic get in the way. No pleasure, just business. 

The big challenge with this book is balancing the humor with the serious part. With the PNR, it's all dark and emotions and story. But these are lighter books. I don't want them too funny and silly, but I need some humor and lightness.

I believe I succeed with Emma and Max, now have to apply the formula to Allegra and Chandler. 

ON the personal side, finally at the point where i can breathe a little easier. Only have a few chores to do before we leave the house and thedogs in the hands of the pet sitter/house sitter. I want to make everything as clear and easy as possible. 

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