Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Writing, writing

So, I decided on July 8 that I needed to write a short story, well, Tia did, that would expand on PL1 so I could have another book to sell.

I started it July 8 and finished this past Sunday. 19,500 words in ONE WEEK.

I am still wiped out.

The focus returns to PP, which has about 25,000 words. Goal is to reach 40,000. I am hoping to get to 30,000 by this weekend.

RWA is next week, so it's last minute stuff, trying to get ready. This weekend DH was running trains, so it was my butt in seat writing weekend. But I also went shopping for conference clothes, always a challenge when you've gained weight. I haven't been to RWA since 2014, so there's some extra pounds there. Urk.

I got some nice dresses, and I'm all set. Ordered bookmarks for Tia, hopefully those will be in by Tuesday when I leave. I'm leaving at night and driving to Melbourne to spend the night so I can cut back on my drive time Wed. Mostly everyone is getting in on Tuesday, but I have to work. Have to earn money to pay bills!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I have two weeks until RWA. Of course I decided, last minute, to write another Tia short story so that Tia will have two releases almost back to back, to build momentum, since the first story will be exclusive to the boxed set for a full six months.

And here I go! I have 5,000 words so far and I can't make progress on Chandler's story until I finish PL2. I do have a cover, at least.

I'm dining with my editor and the other HRS authors on Wed. at RWA, and then we are meeting solo on Thursday. I'll have to come up with a proposal to pitch her.

I've also decided to drive to Melbourne to cut down on my driving time on Wed. Stay at a hotel that Tues night and then continue on in the am. Beats driving 3-4 hours on WEd.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Working thru the panic

By writing steadily. I started with 15,000 words on Thursday, my "day off" from the day job. Thursday and Friday are my writing days.

Today is Sunday and so far I have written 8,000 words. Only 2,000 yesterday because I was tired and burned out and stuck. So I'm up to 23,000 words on this 40,000 word story. Not bad.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


IN a real funk and panic about RWA. Almost tempted not to go. Pressure, pressure. Not just the pressure of whatdoidowithmycareer but the pressure of idon'thavemanyfriendsthereandnoonetohangwithandtherewillbelotsofpeoplethere.

I'm trying to write a book in a new genre, which is going well when I can write. But the pressure I feel...zowers.

like I told a friend at work today, I feel like a Conestoga  wagon  on the Autobahn. Everyone is zipping by in their sports cars and I'm a few hundred years, and miles, behind them.