Monday, August 7, 2017

August already... wow

I've slowed down. Don't know what happened, but all the sudden I've been exhausted. Could be partly due to RWA late July. That conference is terrific, but always tires me out and then I come home, unpack, do laundry and boom! Back to the day job. Plus last week on my days off I had personal stuff to attend to, so the writing suffered.

I'm returning to another wolf book because I have the sinking feeling that the Tia books are gonna tank, waste of time and money and these days, I hate wasting both. I have only 10,000 words left on the puppy peril book, but I set it aside yesterday to work on the Mating book, which will introduce a new series. See, I have a small but very loyal group of core readers and those are the ones I know will buy my books. Tia has no readers. She "may" gain some from the boxed set, but it's a gamble.

It's a damn frustrating business these days. I remember well back in 2014 when all I had to do was release a book, put it on FB and I'd get lots of sales and make lovely money. It's why I was able to go PT at the day job. But even with the loss of income, I have no regrets about the PT at the day job because my health was suffering.

Today is Monday, and I have worked all day and I'm too tired to go home and write. Maybe if I got more than 4 hours of sleep each night, continuously, it would help.

Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett always said. Hopefully tomorrow I will write!

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